The Bad side of Cyber, and how to help

Here is a helpful info-graphic on the bad side of the cyber world.  As you look it over, ask God to give you insight into how your child uses the internet as well as what you can do to help them be good stewards of that privilege.


Teen Cyber-Security. . . A Helpful Infographic To Share With Parents


Teens Lean on Technology for Health Advice

Apparently teens use the internet for more than wasting time.  The below CNN article speak on research which finds that many teens turn to the internet for health advice.  Using search engines and other websites, teenagers look to find tips, how-to’s, and information regarding health related issues.

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One thing the article mentions that i think is worth more than a pass-by is that, “teenagers still say they get the majority of such advice from their parents.”  Your kids may have their noses buried in devices, but their ears are still functional and are tuned to YOUR frequency.  Parents, you are the most influential presence in your kids’ lives…don’t forget it.


Inferiority Inspired by Social Media

Social Media has some merit, but unfortunately it is the last ingredient in a rather bitter cocktail.  The human condition of sin bears the burdens of jealousy, comparison, inferiority, and pride.  We take on all that weight, and the world, using the lens of social media, is like a 10 year old boy on a bright summer’s day with a magnifying glass and an ant hill.  It’s simply destructive.

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Your worth, comes from the Lord!  Romans 8:28-29 tell us of the good that God works for us…that we are being made into the image of Christ!  That is your worth.  That is your identity.  It is the worth of Christ.

The Reality of Sexting – It’s NOT GOOD

Sexting among teenagers is real.  Once we face the facts we can address them.  Sexting is not good – it leads to reduced physical boundaries, shame, and lustful hearts.  We should seek to stop this behavior, but even more so we should seek to address the root of the problem – a broken sense of identity and love that can only come from the Lord, through His Son Jesus.  Communicate this love, demonstrate this love, and be gently resolute in the home.

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Teens and Empathy – Don’t stunt it’s development!

Adolescents are still developing their ability to empathize with others, research shows:

Despite what you might think about stand-up comedian Louis C.K., the first minute of this interview with Conan OBrien should remind us that technology is no substitute for face-to-face contact:

Technology isn’t evil.  However, families need to find ways to encourage face-to-face human interaction.  Ask question, be persistent, and be affectionate!

Thoughtful Words on Smartphones from a Teenager

Gillian quickly reflects on the damage smart phones are doing to her ability to interact with her peers.

While smart phones aren’t inherently bad, the effect of constant social media acting as a face-to-face social barrier is real.  Gillian writes, “my conversations consist of dehumanized, emotionless messages used for necessity that are conducted without essential facial expressions or body language.”

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