Sports over Christ

Is it more important than your relationship with Jesus?  This is the diagnostic question we should constantly be asking ourselves about all our earthly endeavors.  In my experience in youth ministry at 3 different churches – when it comes to playing and watching sports, sports takes precedent over “church stuff” about 75% of the time.  Sports are important.  It teaches work ethic, team dynamics, winning and losing with respect, and it’s fun!  However, we have to stop look at ourselves and our kids and ask, “Are sports more important than our relationship with Jesus?”  If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to pause and examine our heart and what it means to follow Jesus.

I stumbled across this article today, it is worth a read:

Encouragement in the faith is key.  Strong family time, faithful friends, and quiet times with the Lord are key for the busy student athlete.  Every now and then pause and ask yourself the 3 questions from the article – see how the answers change over time, and always point your kids to the cross.

As a reminder – If Jesus doesn’t come first for us He’s not going to come first for our kids.  If Jesus doesn’t come first for our kids NOW, He might never come first.  Sports are good…but Jesus is better!



A Word of Encouragement and a Word of Challenge

Parents, if you are rooted in God’s word you will have a leg-up on the rest of our culture.  Listen to this short clip of CPYU’s Walt Mueller talking about the importance of parenting rooted in scripture:

Now a challenge.  Are your kids taking the place of God in your hear?  Specifically, are your kid’s sports become an idol for you AND your family?  Listen again to Walt Mueller in this 1 minute audio clip:

Are sports taking away from your child’s spiritual development?  Is soccer taking the place of church or youth group?  Is youth group a less important activity than baseball?  Maybe i’m biased, but the real heart of my question is – are you prioritizing sports over faith?

Think about it.