What’s the Balance with Bruce Jenner?

This blog post by The Gospel Coalition (i recommend you subscribe or follow them on Facebook) does a wonderful job of outlining what it means to love Bruce despite his confusion and open rebellion against God’s design.  It’s a hard balance, and it’s especially hard to communicate to our kids the “why’s” of our true and loving response to the situation.

I believe reading this will bless you:




Merit-Based Love

How do we balance discipline with love?  It isn’t easy.  Unfortunately, many parents show love when their kids achieve or behave and withhold love when their kids fail or misbehave.  If we are trying to live and communicate the gospel of grace to our kids, what sort of God are we emulating when we love only when our kids are “good?”  This leads to a Santa-Claus gospel of merit-based love and grace, which is poison not only for individuals, but in the church as well.

Read this:


I know we all love our kids.  It’s hard to find the balance, but it does exist.  Love always, and let your discipline come from love not anger.