Inferiority Inspired by Social Media

Social Media has some merit, but unfortunately it is the last ingredient in a rather bitter cocktail.  The human condition of sin bears the burdens of jealousy, comparison, inferiority, and pride.  We take on all that weight, and the world, using the lens of social media, is like a 10 year old boy on a bright summer’s day with a magnifying glass and an ant hill.  It’s simply destructive.

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Your worth, comes from the Lord!  Romans 8:28-29 tell us of the good that God works for us…that we are being made into the image of Christ!  That is your worth.  That is your identity.  It is the worth of Christ.


The Reality of Sexting – It’s NOT GOOD

Sexting among teenagers is real.  Once we face the facts we can address them.  Sexting is not good – it leads to reduced physical boundaries, shame, and lustful hearts.  We should seek to stop this behavior, but even more so we should seek to address the root of the problem – a broken sense of identity and love that can only come from the Lord, through His Son Jesus.  Communicate this love, demonstrate this love, and be gently resolute in the home.

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