Heroine is Here

During my second week on the Cape, my wife and I went down to Harwichport to walk around in the cold of late winter.  We stopped in a store that sold decorative nick-nacks.  We were the only customers, so we got to chat with the owner for about 15 minutes.  I told him I was a youth pastor in Brewster.  The first thing he said to me was, “Good for you.  You know, these kids are dealing with a lot of drug problems.  It starts with the pills but then they can’t afford the pills so they move to heroine.”  I can’t over emphasize it…This was the first thing he said to me when he found out i work with teenagers.  Addiction, specifically to pills and heroine.

Parents, please don’t be naive.  Please don’t think, “My kid would never…”  Maybe they aren’t using.  Maybe they never will.  But be attentive, and be careful about what prescriptions you have around the house.

This article from The Cape Cod Times speaks about the local problem, but comments on data from a nation-wide study conducted by the CDC from 2002-2013.  It’s more than worth a read:


Please talk with your kids.  Your attitudes, behaviors, and concerns will do more to help your kids then I will ever be able to do.  Be rooted in love, grounded in God’s word, and full of compassion.