A Warning Against Coddling

Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding is a wise man.  Listen to this 60 second sound bite in which he gives a warning against coddling our kids and the possible long-term effects it is causing:


Be wise, patient, and loving.  Try to communicate love and encouragement while pointing your kids to Christ, not to themselves.  Discipline them when they need it, stand up for them when they need it, and provide conversation about the good and bad in life.  We want to see you kids grow up into life-long disciples of Christ, and that takes long-term vision.  What causes grief now might instill confidence later.



The Link of Anxiety

Parents, it appears we can pass down our own traits to our kids!  What ground-breaking news!  A recent study on anxiety in parents and their children, done through Kings College in London, shows that a parent’s anxiety issues can be passed down through both genetics and learned behavior or environment,

Read this:


Sometimes sheltering our kids is helpful, and sometimes it isn’t.  Challenge your kids to explore and discover, but always provide a safe place at home to discuss, digest, and find comfort and identity in Christ.