Generational Forgetting and the New Normal

Early this morning, while I was still laying in bed, I read this tweet from the Center for Parent and Youth Understanding – “What our kids are losing, very quickly, is an inheritance of history, legacy, and wisdom from prior generations.”

I didn’t think much of it in the moment, other than saying to myself, “this is probably true.”  However, when I read the below article, the reality of the tweet sunk in – not in a theoretical way, but in a real, urgent way.

Generational Forgetting is the ignorance of the younger generation to the history, good and bad, of those who came before them.  Perhaps this ignorance is the result of youthful rebellion, or the falsely celebrated need to “make my own way” in the world…or perhaps it is the older generation’s neglect to show and teach the reality and truth of what happened in the years before these young folks were born.  Whatever it is, we now have a problem.

Yes, the moral boundaries of today’s pop-culture don’t really exist.  If you watched the recently held MTV Video Music Awards, this new normal played out in a spectacularly depressing way.  Miley Cyrus, the poster child for sexual fluidity and boundary breaking behavior, paraded around the stage basically nude, and at one point even lead the crowd to repeatedly chant the word, “marijuana.”  It’s no wonder the research in the above article shows that pot use among college students is at it’s highest rate in 35 years!

We cannot blur boundaries any longer.  We cannot protect our kids from the harm we and others did to ourselves in the past.  We must be real about the cause, effect, and above all, the grace of God alone to deliver us from the sin and death we once found ourselves living in.

As Jesus told the crowds in Luke 13, “make every effort to enter through the narrow door…”  By definition, the narrow door is difficult to enter and only able to let in a few at a time…and our effort should be to show the next generation that though the door is narrow and difficult to enter, what is on the other side is far better than the wide road fo sin and self-destruction.

In all things, balance love, patience, and truth.  The gospel is amazing!  Don’t be afraid to speak it and live it.