Though I hold a Masters degree in theology and ministry, I will not take the time to pen my own thoughts concerning the SCOTUS decision to legalize homosexual unions across the nation.  So much is wrapped into this issue other than theology, including the constitution, democracy in general, personal narratives, and the culture wars.  Instead, I will point you to two trusted sources for information and what to do going forward.

First, the CM Alliance’s official statement on the matter (which is quite masterful):


Second, a few thoughts from Walt Mueller of CPYU:


I am struck by the stance Pastor Myron laid out in the Sunday morning worship service yesterday – the need for the balance of holiness and love.  Do not retreat to the ends of the spectrum, for by doing so you alienate others and render your stance useless.  Always speak the truth and point people to the cross out of genuine concern and desire for wholeness.



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