College Isn’t for Everyone…at Least Not Right Away

Looking back, I wasn’t really ready for college until I was 20 years old.  I had a poor work ethic, I was arrogant, and I was lazy.  My freshman year, I remember sleeping through a final and not caring.  Many students are ready right away, but for some of us it takes time…but once it clicks there is no going back to your old self.

Read This:

Talk to your kids about school.  It may not be right for them, or at least not right away.  Given the relative cost-benefit, and the reality of delayed adolescence, going to college right after high school is not necessarily the path to success.  It may be the path to confusion.



2 thoughts on “College Isn’t for Everyone…at Least Not Right Away

  1. Thanks Matt – too often we feel we ‘must’ follow the ‘right’ path and force our kids to do the same. Sometimes college, even delayed, isn’t the ‘right’ path for some – we need to encourage and embrace our youth right where they are!


    • It’s so true! College is excellent and i would encourage everyone to go…but it truly isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. As long as we encourage a hard work ethic, compassion, humility, and love.


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