The Link of Anxiety

Parents, it appears we can pass down our own traits to our kids!  What ground-breaking news!  A recent study on anxiety in parents and their children, done through Kings College in London, shows that a parent’s anxiety issues can be passed down through both genetics and learned behavior or environment,

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Sometimes sheltering our kids is helpful, and sometimes it isn’t.  Challenge your kids to explore and discover, but always provide a safe place at home to discuss, digest, and find comfort and identity in Christ.



The Teenage Brain

Yes, it’s true.  Your teenager’s brain is an idiot.  But it’s supposed to be!  According to research, the brain is only about 80% developed by adolescence, and it isn’t until age 25-30 that our brains are fully developed.

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We can’t stop our kids from doing all the things their idiot brains tell them to do, but we can mitigate destructiveness or rebellion.  Spend time with your kids.  Help them.  Love them.  Try to understand them.  Don’t be reactive.  Most importantly, share the gospel with them and live the gospel alongside of them.


College Isn’t for Everyone…at Least Not Right Away

Looking back, I wasn’t really ready for college until I was 20 years old.  I had a poor work ethic, I was arrogant, and I was lazy.  My freshman year, I remember sleeping through a final and not caring.  Many students are ready right away, but for some of us it takes time…but once it clicks there is no going back to your old self.

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Talk to your kids about school.  It may not be right for them, or at least not right away.  Given the relative cost-benefit, and the reality of delayed adolescence, going to college right after high school is not necessarily the path to success.  It may be the path to confusion.


Merit-Based Love

How do we balance discipline with love?  It isn’t easy.  Unfortunately, many parents show love when their kids achieve or behave and withhold love when their kids fail or misbehave.  If we are trying to live and communicate the gospel of grace to our kids, what sort of God are we emulating when we love only when our kids are “good?”  This leads to a Santa-Claus gospel of merit-based love and grace, which is poison not only for individuals, but in the church as well.

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I know we all love our kids.  It’s hard to find the balance, but it does exist.  Love always, and let your discipline come from love not anger.